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Private lessons take place in a relaxed atmosphere without any audience. You get maximum input and a very individual lesson that is tailored to you and your horse. The coaching is less structured than you might be familiar with in two to four times a month sessions. Instead, we work focused goal-orientated.

With the content that you receive, you continue to work in your everyday life. You try it out and continue working with the ideas. Maybe you then work for example in a different gait, or with a different distance or you change a little bit in your bodymovement. Often it is only small changes that lead to a decisive result.

In order to get into conversation with each other and to keep the learning situation as relaxed as possible, we deliberately keep the clinics small. It is about the unity between you and your horse.

In a clinic we work out the essential keys to your personal progress and have the opportunity to try out the studied tools to deepen the understanding of the connections between groundwork and ridden work.

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