blanq saddles

Our saddle has specially been developed for riders who are looking for relaxed leisure time in the field, in the indoor or outdoor riding arena and still want to sit close to the horse.

Thanks to his gallaria he gives a safe riding feeling.

Thanks to the flat padding, it allows you to sit close to the horse and allows you to ride higher exercises or work on the seat and hips and thus develop further.

Due to its short length and flexible tree, it offers the possibility of riding in a balanced manner according to physiological principles.

It offers fine seating adjustment between rider and horse,

without losing the comfort for solid everyday or practical riding.

A saddle that enables your horse's physical development and can compensate for fluctuations in feed and training (saddle grows with you).

With its unbeatably light 6 kg weight, back-friendly work starts with saddling!

Ideal for balanced leisure riding combined with the opportunity for demanding exercises of the Art of Riding.


flat cushion, close to the horse

flexible saddletree, adapts to the horse's back and grows with it

weight 6 kg

length of saddle cover from the middle of the seat: 49 cm

length (covering of the cushion): short 47-48 cm

safety suspension stirrups

V strapping


Cross-country riding

Leisure time riding

Dressage work

(Academic) Art of Riding

Seat training

Colors: Natural & Black

Type: wide/larger seat

Type: narrow/smaller seat


Test saddle available!

Price 2599.-

Note: Our saddle was developed for the combination of useful riding (Cross country/ Leisure riding)
and (Academic) Art of Riding.