blanq Philosophy

Our inspiration. 

We want to inspire people to recognize the horse as the greatest way to grow themselves. We believe that the horse shows us the way to our own core and can lead to our individual happiness and success.

Our culture.

blanq is the new culture of riding, based on the principles of the old masters of academic art of riding. Our culture is primarily based on values. They are the core of blanq. We want to de-stress situations and take a holistic view of connections.

Our Philosophy.

We want to shape an inspiring, powerful and warm culture that goes hand in hand with nature as such, horses and sustainable values. We want to inspire people to learn about themselves through horses and to grow together.

Our values.

Friendship, Respect, Love, Joy,

Feeling, Relaxation, Strength,

Confidence, Self-Confidence,

Balance, Loyalty, Harmony,

Development, Individuality, Freedom


We want to have a good time with our horses, having a friendly but also safe leisure partner at our side, despite the fact that we have the opportunity to work High School exercises.

Why we are blanq.

We want to bring people and horses into a completely new balance. And we will change everything with it. We understand our name as a reflection of what we believe in and what our passion is.