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Position Ambassadors

The highest rank in between the trainers, we call Ambassadors. They are High School Trainers. All Ambassadors have equal rank. However, Ambassadors can take on different functions or assignements, for example as Judge/ Co-Judge, as Regional Spokesman, Country Spokesman, and more.

blanq ambassador


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Position Trainer

Trainers are built up in three Level: Trainer A: Basic Trainer, Trainer B: Advanced Trainer, Trainer C : Academic Trainer

blanq trainer

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blanq trainer

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Position Honorary Fellow

The position Honorary Fellow is given when a special honor is shown to a horse or to a person.

blanq Honorary Fellow

Panko & Clarissa Kremer


Position Non-Trainer - Ambassadors

It is also possible to follow blanq as Non- Trainer- Ambassador. Non- Trainer- Ambassadors are people who live and represent the ideals of blanq.

blanq ambassador

Melanie Altrogge


blanq ambassador

Ursel Dörr