blanq Tests & Positions

Fellow & Student

Groundwork in the form of leadership-training is essential for us and continues through gymnastical work on the ground aswell as ridden. Bodylanguage on the ground, aswell as under the rider, is essential for us. The regular entry we describe for a so-called fellow, who can develop into a student.

For a ridden test we need at least a balanced seat. An advanced rider we define over an advanced seat, which primarily shows application in advanced ridden work and allows other aids to go to background.

A student needs to be recommended for a test.

Ambassador & Trainer

The highest rank in between the trainers, we call Ambassadors.

All Ambassadors have equal rank. However, Ambassadors can take on different functions or assignements as Regional Spokesman Country Spokesman

Judge/ Co-Judge Others

For the judgeing we follow the idea to have a co-judge-situation.

The co- judge is recommended out of Ambassadors.

It is also possible to follow blanq as a Non-Trainer Ambassador.

When the test was successful, the student get`s a stamp in his education- checkbook which is intended to provide guidance for the student.

The two entrance tests are defined as follows


Basic Basic Groundwork: leading a horse in shoulder position A1

second position – at the shoulder

Leading a horse from both sides in walk from inside and a few steps from outside position ( means changeing through the circle).

A few steps in trot ( more trot is optional).

All in a good forward on straight lines and circles, giving directions and halt, without the horse ignoring the leader and having its hindlegs forward. No outstepping hindlegs.

A few steps backing the horse.

The horse needs to be leaded, not just following the student, calmly.

Price: 75.-

A1 Fellow Certificate

The student can now go to level B Basic Longing or deepen his knowledge within level A.


Basic Groundwork Basic Longeing B1

Forward – down in walk trot and canter on both hands on a circle.

Halt out of every gait and transition into the gait (halt into canter optional).

Without losing hindlegs.

With bodylanguage and as less caveson or whip as possible.

With a fluent changing through the circle.

Price: 100.-

B1 Basic Student Certificate

The student can now go to level D basic rider (balanced seat, also level trainer A), or connect to level C with advanced groundwork.


Here you can find our GTC.